Cadwell Success

30th June 2016

Nigel Grant Historic Racing Team were running 4 cars and helping a 5th, this included 4 historic formula fords and a formula junior. The drivers were Callum Grant, Maxim Bartell, Neil Shinner, John Sykes and Matthew Wrigley.


Callum, Max and Neil were all testing their formula fords on the Friday morning. Callum and Max were the two fastest formula fords on track with Neil following closely. In the afternoon, Max didn't do anymore testing, however Neil carried on with the formula ford and Callum set up and tested John's formula junior (the famous magic merlyn). Neil carried on putting in good times all day and Callum went 6 tenths under the lap record in the junior with a fresh engine by Sam Wilson.


Max, Callum and Neil were all in qualifying session 1 for the formula fords. Unfortunately on lap 3 there was a safety car that lasted for over half the session. Matthew was in the second qualifying session and he had a good session with his best personal qualifying time. After the results  from both qualifying sessions were combined the results were: Callum on pole, Matthew 10th, Max 14th and Neil 19th. John Sykes qualified 2nd on his first time out in the magic merlyn this year.

Race 1

Benn Simms who was 2nd on the grid managed to jump Callum on the start to get into the lead, however by the end of lap 2 Callum was back infront. Max made a good first couple of laps climbing up to 7th. Matthew had a bad first few laps and dropped to 14th. Neil managed to climb to 17th. Callum led the whole race from then on with a comfortable 2 second lead to eventually win the race. Max finished 6th after a race long battle between 3rd to 6th place. Matthew also had a great battle coming in 14th. Neil Shinner finished 17th.

John Syke's gear leaver broke whilst chasing the leader, causing him to DNF.

Race 2

This time Callum Grant got away faster but was over taken on the 1st lap by Benn Simms. Callum then got Benn back at the beginning of lap 2nd however lost it again within the same lap. On to lap 3 Callum over took Benn on the outside of park corner and remind in 1st for the rest of the race. Max on the other hand had a fantastic battle between 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place, running 3rd on the last lap but losing out at park corner to Benn Tilley. Max eventually finished 4th. Matthew Wrigley didn't have the best race and finished 20th. Neil on the other hand had a better 2nd race and finished 13th.

John Sykes managed to win his formula junior race which was his first ever win.

Last edited 1st September 2016.